Nice to meet you!

Hello, I'm Kate... and if it's not already obvious, I'm a certified pharmacy geek. 


It started when I was 8 years' old and I discovered my brother's chemistry books.  I was hooked - and it led to me graduating with a First Class (hons) Master of Pharmacy degree in 2005.

That's me, less than 2 years' later, sheltering under my pharmacy bench during a mortar attack in Iraq. It was a tough gig: new to the Army; 6 months' hospital experience; a handover received on a napkin in an airport; and a deputy flown home due to stress...

It may sound odd, but I thrived.  The experience taught me two valuable lessons, which I'll share here, as these beliefs have essentially led me to found GPX

1.  Leadership is the tipping point.

On countless occasions (from Ebola to the Boardroom) I've witnessed how everyday leadership can make the difference between success and mediocrity, pass and fail, life and death. 


I believe that anyone can become a leader... and I believe that growing leaders at all levels of the pharmacy workforce will be transformational to world health.

2.  Your team is your greatest asset.


A high-performing team will always outperform a group of high-performing individuals.  It will be braver, more enduring, more diverse - and therefore more successful.


I believe that strong teams - or, in the case of GPX, a strong community - will encourage strong ambitions and can be a catalyst for positive change.