What is the Global Pharmacy Exchange?

The Global Pharmacy Exchange ("GPX") is a community of practice for individuals involved with pharmaceutical regulation, policy, supply chain, or the use of medical products. 


We welcome anyone who strives for responsible and equitable access to safe and effective medical products (be that at a global, a national, or a community level).

We offer a safe space to seek support and exchange advice or ideas, amongst like-minded professionals.

Although our grassroots' initiative is at a very early stage, as we grow so will our voice, our influence, and our ability to support one another. 

Connect. Collaborate. Create Change.

How does it work?

GPX is based on two concepts: community and leadership.

go far go together.jpg


We are stronger together.


A strong community will be braver, more enduring, more diverse - and more successful - than an isolated individual.


We believe that a strong GPX community can inspire, empower, and catalyse positive change to improve



Your leadership.

Everyday leadership that you demonstrate through: professionalism, speaking-out, supporting others, championing progress, protecting patients...

We believe everyday leadership will nudge change and be  transformational  to #accesstomedicines


How do I get involved?

First of all, join us. It's free.

After that... to be honest, it's up to you. 


GPX offers a space for discussion, collaboration, and mutual support.

How you fill that space is your decision.

Communities rely on active members to ask questions, answer queries, share articles, write blogs, signpost websites, post content. 

I manage the site, in my spare time.

I'm excited to see how you engage with it  and the wider GPX community.

Why does GPX exist?

GPX was founded by Kate Enright in 2017.

As a pharmacist working in Global Health, Kate had been intimately involved with trying to improve equitable and responsible access to quality medical products. Over the years she had noticed a consistent problem - one that seemed to be undermining pharmacy services, health policies, medical supply chains, and access to quality medical products.

To Kate, it seemed that (regardless of the country or context) the people who worked in pharmacy (or medical logistics) were isolated and overlooked.

Even if they work as part of a team, pharmacy professionals are often in a solitary role, possibly with isolated skills, responsibilities, perspectives, and opinions.

Being alone is hard.

It can mean having an opinion or perspective that differs from the rest of your team.

It can mean having no one to turn to for technical advice.

It can mean having to work extra hard to be heard, or to be included.

It can mean the everyday feels difficult... and the idea of leading change feels impossible.

The solution seemed obvious: fight isolation with community.

Someone out there has probably faced a similar situation, problem, or opportunity to yours. Wouldn't it be great to connect with them, for a bit of advice, support, and understanding?

And wouldn't that strong community also help you to feel more self-assured?

You know, better able to thrive, rather than to merely plod along?

Our resources and challenges may differ, but all the world over:

pharmacy is pharmacy, policy is policy, and logistics is logistics.

Who's behind GPX?

Hello, I'm Kate!

I established GPX in 2017 and I run it in my 'spare' time.

If you're interested, my career background is on LinkedIn. It's a bit unconventional, but essentially I've applied my pharmacy degree in lots of interesting ways, with lots of interesting people, and in lots of interesting places.

I offer private consultancy services and one-to-one "PharmAssist" coaching (follow the links to learn more).


That isn't what GPX is about, though. GPX is an independent, personally-funded project that is purely motivated by my passion for pharmacy, and my desire to improve equitable access to quality medical products. GPX is my small contribution to that.