Consulting Services

I have extensive experience in field operations, project management and teaching. Feel free to drop me a line to chat about your needs - however large or small.  

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Emergency Response

2018 - Rohingya Diphtheria outbreak

2016 - Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

2015 - Nepal Earthquake

2014 - Ebola response

2013 - Typhoon Haiyan

2009/11 - Operation HERRICK

2007 - Operation TELIC

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Tenders: global, regional, or national

Quality Assurance Audits

Local Market Assessments

Gift-in-Kind evaluation

Category Management

Formulary Development

Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation

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Supply Chain Management

End-to-end assessments

Good Distribution Practice Audits

 Cold Chain Management

Controlled Drug Management

Healthcare Waste Management

IS Implementation

Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation

Health Programming

Needs Assessment

Proposal Writing

Donor Reporting

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

Donor compliant policy & SOP creation

After Action Reviews & Lessons Learned

Emergency Preparedness Plans

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Leadership in the Pharmacy Workforce

Pharmacy in Austere & Challenging Environments (PACE)

Health Supply Chain Management

Global Pharmacy (part of Masters programme)

Bespoke Capacity Building (remote or at location)