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  • Perspectives on Substandard & Falsified Medical Products (13 min talk)

    I'm delighted to have been invited to present at the Global Health Challenges seminar series, organised by the Global Health Network and the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health (at the University of Oxford). My talk was one of several on the theme of "Ensuring Quality", in a session chaired by Prof Paul Newton. In this 13 min (ish) talk I discuss my current area of research and explore the exceptionally complex moral mazes that arise in real-world settings due to the uncertainty of medical product quality. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback - please do get in touch or leave a comment below. The other talks in this wonderful series are freely available to view, here:

  • Substandard quality of Hyaluronic acid as a surgical aid in ophthalmology

    Yesenia Rodríguez, Gisela Pecho, Elisa Gálvez Pharmacovigilance and Medical Devices Surveillance | Social Security of Health of Peru (EsSalud) Conflict of Interest: None declared

  • Multivariate models applied to Pharmaceutical NIR spectroscopic data

    Authors: P.H. Ciza , P.-Y. Sacre, M. Kanyonyo, C. Waffo, M. Borive , L. Coïc, J.K. Mbinze 2, Ph Hubert, E. Ziemons, R.D. Marini Research group: CIRM | ViBra-Santé Hub | Department of Pharmacy | Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry | University of Liege | Belgium Conflict of Interest: No response provided.

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  • Global Pharmacy Exchange / Consulting

    Consulting Services I have extensive experience in field operations, project management and teaching. Feel free to drop me a line to chat about your needs - however large or small. Emergency Response More Info > 2018 - Rohingya Diphtheria outbreak 2016 - Mediterranean Refugee Crisis 2015 - Nepal Earthquake 2014 - Ebola response 2013 - Typhoon Haiyan 2009/11 - Operation HERRICK 2007 - Operation TELIC Procurement More Info > Tenders: global, regional, or national Quality Assurance Audits Local Market Assessments Gift-in-Kind evaluation Category Management Formulary Development Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation Supply Chain Management More Info > End-to-end assessments Good Distribution Practice Audits Cold Chain Management Controlled Drug Management Healthcare Waste Management IS Implementation Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation Health Programming More Info > Needs Assessment Proposal Writing Donor Reporting Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Donor compliant policy & SOP creation After Action Reviews & Lessons Learned Emergency Preparedness Plans Teaching More Info > ​ Leadership in the Pharmacy Workforce Pharmacy in Austere & Challenging Environments (PACE) Health Supply Chain Management Global Pharmacy (part of Masters programme) Bespoke Capacity Building (remote or at location) Mentorship Get in touch

  • 2021 Event | gpexchange

    Register Technologies to tackle substandard and falsified (SF) medical products in global health 1400 - 1600 hrs GMT Online 9 - 11 November 2021 What's On? Talks 3 days, 6 talks, 7 global experts. Exhibition Posters . Abstracts. Pitches. White papers. Stories YOUR experiences of SF medical products. Networking Tools and apps for remote networking. Talks Join us via Zoom to hear our speakers and engage in discussions. ​ Webinars will commence at 1400 hrs GMT and end at 1600 hrs GMT. ​ Prof Muhammad Zaman University of Boston Is there a 'technological fix' to the problem of SF medical products? 9 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK) Gesa Gnegel Tuebingen University Implementing detection technologies in low-resource settings 10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) Rutendo Kawana WHO & ZimHealth Balancing act: safeguarding quality & maximising accessibility as a national regulator 11 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) Dr Celine Caillet University of Oxford Portable Screening Devices for post marketing surveillance of medicines quality in the Lao PDR 9 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) Prof Dr Lutz Heide Tuebingen University Implementing detection technologies in low-resource settings 10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) Kate Enright University of Oxford Event organiser. Moderator. Founder of GPX. Chair: 9-11 November 2021 Dr Harparkash Kaur London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Field-friendly methods for screening and detecting SF medical products 10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) Michael Deats Formerly of WHO & MHRA Connecting the Dots: information exchange to tackle SF medical products 11 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600 hrs (UK ) You! Share your story. Exhibit your work. See below for details. Delegate: 9 - 11 November Join Stories Storytelling is a powerful and inclusive method of teaching and influencing. It has been around for millennia and can take many forms. Blogs Please share your stories and experiences of substandard or falsified medical products (or how you've tackled them). For example... How have you been affected by SF medical products? When did it feel personal? How does it change your practise? Why is this issue important to you? Pictures A picture paints a thousand words. ​ Share an image (photo, or photo of your artwork ) that captures the problem of substandard and falsified medical products, or showcases human innovation. Don't forget to give your picture a title and tell us the location. Podcasts Perhaps the spoken word is your forte. Tell your story - in your own words and in your own language . We'll do our best to transcribe it into a faithful English translation. ​ To arrange a recorded interview, click here . Your life is unique. Substandard and falsified (SF) medical products are a complex and multi-faceted problem. We share a common understanding, but we have experienced them in different ways. You are invited to share your story so that we: ​ + widen our collective understanding about SF medical products. + can better advocate about the problem. + identify exciting new collaborations between delegates. + inspire new ideas and, perhaps, new technologies. Learn more Submit Story Please submit your story by 0500 hrs (UK) on Friday 5th November 2021 . We are particularly keen to receive submissions from delegates who live or work in the Global South. Exhibition Pitch your technology Innovator? Circulate your research Researcher? Visit the exhibition to view submissions, make comments, and ask questions. ​ ​ The exhibition will open at 1600 hrs GMT on Tuesday 9 November 2021. ​ Learn more Submit Exhibit Please submit your exhibit by 0500 hrs (UK) on Friday 5th November 2021 . Register for the Event This event was inspired by Associate Professor Patricia Kingori and the "Fakes, Fabrications, & Falsehoods in Global Health" project that she leads. ​ Click HERE to learn more about the group and our research. ​ Many thanks to the Wellcome Trust for their support of this project.

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  • Diphtheria Response - Bangladesh

    Hi Global Pharm-ers Advice please! I'm currently supporting a emergency response to the diphtheria outbreak in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a really challenging country for pharmaceutical importation, plus there are Quality Assurance concerns for national market procurement. I've found that there are several production lines with European regulatory approval (i.e. manufacturers) which is great, but we'll need to procure via a distributor. I was hoping for advice/recommendations about which wholesalers or distributors to approach (or stay away from)! Thanks! Kate

  • Diphtheria Response - Bangladesh

    A quick note to say thanks very much to Hasan - one of our Global Pharm-ers - who sent me the following help in a private message: "To purchase from local supplier there is no distributor in Bangladesh. The manufacturer has own distribution channel nationwide. So far my understanding you can purchase directly from the manufacturer." Thanks, Hasan - I really appreciate your support! :) 

  • Diphtheria Response - Bangladesh

    You are Welcome Kate! We are here in Bangladesh working for Emergency Diptheria response. So, don't hesitate to reach me for any queries or support . Best wishes for new year!

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