Kate Enright
Dec 20, 2017

Diphtheria Response - Bangladesh


Hi Global Pharm-ers


Advice please!


I'm currently supporting a emergency response to the diphtheria outbreak in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a really challenging country for pharmaceutical importation, plus there are Quality Assurance concerns for national market procurement.


I've found that there are several production lines with European regulatory approval (i.e. manufacturers) which is great, but we'll need to procure via a distributor. I was hoping for advice/recommendations about which wholesalers or distributors to approach (or stay away from)!




Dec 31, 2017

Hi Kate hope you are doing well Heard from Ian Norton that WHO has 'plenty of medicines in stock' bought from the 'top 4 Bangladesh suppliers' which they are making available to all Health Cluster partners. Unfortunately they don't have a pharmacist working with their logisticans

Kate Enright
Jan 3, 2018

Hey Trudi


Thanks for your advice. We were looking to augment the WHO stock and procure additional items in country.


Re your note on lack of WHO pharmacist... I wonder when emergencies will benefit from a "Global Pharmacy Cluster" for this kind of thing!

Kate Enright
Jan 3, 2018

A quick note to say thanks very much to Hasan - one of our Global Pharm-ers - who sent me the following help in a private message:


"To purchase from local supplier there is no distributor in Bangladesh. The manufacturer has own distribution channel nationwide. So far my understanding you can purchase directly from the manufacturer."


Thanks, Hasan - I really appreciate your support! :) 

Jan 3, 2018

You are Welcome Kate! We are here in Bangladesh working for Emergency Diptheria response. So, don't hesitate to reach me for any queries or support .


Best wishes for new year!