Kate Enright
Dec 11, 2017

Drug Charts!


I've just spent a wonderful weekend in the Lake District in the UK, thinking about prescriptions and drug administration records.


We were considering the challenge of designing documentation that's fit for an EMT and for an Emergency Response context. So we wanted it to be:

- simple to use, read and navigate

- rapid to complete with all the essential information

- error "resistant", to help avoid errors in communication

- brief and cohesive: avoiding multiple types of documents.


I started with a template and guidance note created by the Royal Medical Colleges, Royal College of Nursing and Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Working with senior clinicians from secondary care, primary care and academia, we discussed how to adapt the chart to better meet our needs and our patient population.

Next job is to get some protoypes developed and to gather some feedback from experts and test runs. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!


In the meantime would love to hear from others about their experiences of developing / implementing / using drug charts and prescriptions in busy healthcare settings.




Dec 31, 2017

Hi Kate last one I saw at UKMed was a ten page booklet which was being converted into an e-prescribing module in use at a local A&E. Tony said it would be available on tablets in deployment. Guessing that didn't happen?!

Dec 31, 2017

It's certainly a challenge that took those of us in NHS trusts plenty of time developing, pilotting, amending and redesigning for local need only to have to retrain clinicians arriving from other Trusts who were used to a different layout. Happy to help if needed

Kate Enright
Jan 3, 2018

Hey Trudi!


I'm looking to sort out the design of drug charts in "hard copy" before I start to think about electronic prescribing. Electronic records management is great and efficient... when it works! but not something we can rely on in a deployed environment, especially in the first phase. Which you already know ;)


The UK EMT have electronic "solutions" for other elements of hospital management (like patient tracking). No doubt at some point in the future they'll have something for prescribing too...


Thanks for your support. Any pearls of wisdom about what to do (or not to do!) when implementing a new drug chart into a healthcare setting?