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to tackle
substandard and falsified (SF)
medical products
in global health

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1400 - 1600 hrs GMT


9 - 11 November 2021

What's  On?



3 days, 6 talks,

7 global experts.



Posters. Abstracts.

Pitches. White papers.



YOUR experiences of SF medical products.



Tools and apps for

remote networking.



Join us via Zoom to hear our speakers and engage in discussions.

Webinars will commence at 1400 hrs GMT and end at 1600 hrs GMT.


Prof Muhammad Zaman

University of Boston

Is there a 'technological fix' to the problem of SF medical products?

9 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)

Gesa Gnegel.jpg

Gesa Gnegel

Tuebingen University

Implementing detection technologies in low-resource settings

10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)


Rutendo Kawana

WHO & ZimHealth

Balancing act: safeguarding quality & maximising accessibility as a national regulator 

11 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)


Dr Celine Caillet

University of Oxford

Portable Screening Devices for post marketing surveillance of medicines quality in the Lao PDR

9 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)

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Prof Dr Lutz Heide

Tuebingen University

Implementing detection technologies in low-resource settings

10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)


Kate Enright

University of Oxford

Event organiser.
Founder of GPX. 

Chair: 9-11 November 2021


Dr Harparkash Kaur

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Field-friendly methods for screening and detecting SF
medical products

10 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)


Michael Deats

Formerly of WHO & MHRA 

Connecting the Dots: information exchange to tackle SF
medical products

11 Nov 2021 ~ 1400 - 1600hrs (UK)



Share your story.
Exhibit your work.
See below for details.

Delegate: 9 - 11 November



Storytelling is a powerful and inclusive method of teaching and influencing.

It has been around for millennia and can take many forms.


Please share your stories and experiences of substandard or falsified medical products (or how you've tackled them).


For example... How have you been affected by SF medical products? When did it feel personal? How does it change your practise? Why is this issue important to you?


A picture paints a thousand words.

Share an image (photo, or photo of your artwork) that captures the problem of substandard and falsified medical products, or showcases human innovation. Don't forget to give your picture a title and tell us the location.


Perhaps the spoken word is your forte.


Tell your story - in your own words and in your own language. We'll do our best to transcribe it into a faithful English translation.

To arrange a recorded interview, click here.

Your life is unique.

Substandard and falsified (SF) medical products are a complex and multi-faceted problem.


We share a common understanding, but we have experienced them in different ways.

You are invited to share your story so that we:

+ widen our collective understanding about SF medical products.

+ can better advocate about the problem.

+ identify exciting new collaborations between delegates.

+ inspire new ideas and, perhaps, new technologies.

Please submit your story by 0500 hrs (UK) on Friday 5th November 2021. We are particularly keen to receive submissions from delegates who live or work in the Global South.





Visit the exhibition to view submissions, make comments, and ask questions.

The exhibition will open at 1600 hrs GMT on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

Please submit your exhibit by 0500 hrs (UK) on Friday 5th November 2021.


Register for the Event

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This event was inspired by Associate Professor Patricia Kingori and the "Fakes, Fabrications, & Falsehoods in Global Health" project that she leads.

Click HERE to learn more about the group and our research.

Many thanks to the Wellcome Trust for their support of this project.