Connect.  Collaborate.  Create Change.






About me

Francesco Checchi


Professor of Epidemiology & International Health - LSHTM

Kate is an outstanding professional and a lovely human being... despite Sandhurst. Extremely competent, hard-working, communicative, organised, collaborative, attentive to feedback, compassionate... I could go on, but I won't - just get in touch.

Rachael Cummings


Senior Humanitarian Health Advisor - Save the Children

Kate is so inspirational and a great leader - her output is high quality, detail-oriented, well-articulated and high pace. Inspiring stuff!

Tijana Duric


 Director of Supply Planning & Finances - GSK

You are an expert and a strong leader in your field of work: committed, dedicated and professional.  You are honest, trustworthy and I feel I can always rely on you to deliver on agreed commitments to a high standard. Thank you for your support!


About the Global Pharmacy Exchange

It's easy to feel isolated in the pharmacy profession.  So often you're in a team but the solitary pharmacist... or you've wandered down the path of a niche specialty where peers are few and far between.

And yet the pharmacy workforce is routinely relied upon to safeguard patient safety; to organise a health system's supply chain; to progress the frontiers of medicine discovery; or to provide a moral compass for financing decisions.

Rather a lot to shoulder on your own, wouldn't you say?

And what about using pharmacy professionals to push the boundaries of healthcare?  Using our voice to bring about access to quality medicines for everybody? Applying our skill to ensure safe and judicious prescribing? Sharing our knowledge to combat the menace of falsified and substandard pharmaceuticals?


Surely this doesn't just urge a collaborative effort... it demands it?

What better place to start than learning from one another, working together and empowering fellow members?  In other words, a Global Pharmacy Exchange.  So let's...

Connect.  Collaborate.  Create Change.

Photo: Kate decending from the Thorong La pass, Nepal (2013)